Holiday Walk

Mullion to Lizard Point (11 miles)

View of the Atlantic
View of the Atlantic

Woke up this morning to very bright sun, however the weather is supposed to turn a bit later. We were up relatively early made sandwiches and drove down to the green at Lizard to catch the bus to Mullion then walk back to the car.
The bus was a popular choice the people waiting more or less filled it up. After stopping at a couple villages and doing three point turns, we arrived at Mullion cricket pitch. There followed some confusion I had decided to leave the map at the hut but take a photo of it, trouble was I missed Mullion.

After asking 3 people we eventually found the coastal path. The weather was great the sun was out but there was a breeze to take the edge off the heat. We followed the path Helen spotted a seal.

We stopped for lunch at a place with a view, the cheese sandwiches tasted all the better for it. A bright green beetle landed on Helen and was not in a hurry to fly away. I got some photo’s and video of it. It really was tucking into the grape I dropped.

At one point I had a look over the cliff edge and spotterd some movement, through the bins I could see bird of prey chicks. We debated them into Peregrins but when an adult Kestrel turned up and fed them it settled the argument.

Rose Chafer beetle
Rose Chafer beetle

We were getting very tired as we approached Lizard Point but we found the time to have a look for the Choughs and were rewarded with cracking views followed by a fly past. The cafe was welcome we had a soft drink and shared an ice cream. We then headed back to the car via a less troden path.

We took the opportunity to whizz over to Helston sainsbury’s to get a card reader and the car washed. A long day but very enjoyable.