Wilstone in search of a black necked grebe

Reports of a black necked grebe got me down to Wilstone. Luckily a expert was on hand to point it out. Also saw the Red Crested Pochard which has been around for about a week. Other notable sightings were the common sandpiper, and a couple of hobbies.

Wilston reservoir

Very hazy, wind ESE. Common sandpiper being harassed by the lapwings, lots of wigeon (more than 20), plenty of shovelers, teal, the resident barnacle goose, starling, heron, and all the other usual suspects.

Ogmore south Wales seaside walk

Been out for a walk whilst on a visit to the sister in law. Not having been to that type of habitat this year saw some new birds.
Lots of stonechat, a couple of rock pipits, 2 common buzzards, wheatear, 2 oyster catchers, Herring gull, and lots of other gulls.

Glorious weather

The weather is glorious this lunchtime, the sun is very bright and intense. Not much to note except a possible Chiffchaff, a Robin warning me off of it territory and a Great Tit

Possible Ferruginous Duck

Alert on RBA to a possible Ferruginous Duck went down the reservoir but could not see it. Apparently the distinguishing feature from a Tufted is a white eye. I did however see a Scaup which is a first for me.

Kestrels behaving strangely

Walked down to the gate at the end of college road. Not alot happening, but then I spotted a couple of Kestrels coasting along the hedge line on the updraft where the wind hit the hedge. They then proceeded to chase stuff down on the ground. They may have been chasing crane flies, I think I have read/seen something which describes that behaviour.

Farmoor reservoir

I have never been to Farmoor. Used TomTom to get Helen and I there, asked at the gate about a hide key but £13 seemed a bit steep, (10 membership and 3 for the key). The Warden suggested that there was plenty to see anyhow. Walked along the causeway saw some small birds (warblers and tits around the nature reserve on the far side). Walking back round the non-sailing side came across sandpipers. Various wagtails, long tailed tits, garganey, and 7 common sandpipers.