You’ll be surprised to hear that my name is Neil Baldwin. This is my blog, and it can be a bit self-indulgent, as it started primarily as a sort of public diary for my own benefit. My biggest fans are my family and friends, but you might find something of interest as there is quite a mix bag of posts.

I have many hobbies:

  • Photography is probably the most enduring one, I have been taking photo’s ever since I can remember. At school I even used to develop my own black and white films. A lot of my photo’s are stored on Flickr you can see the public ones from my photo stream here http://www.flickr.com/photos/treecreeper/ I tend to post all half decent ones so you might have to trawl through them to find the keepers. More recently I have been taking full 360 degree panorama’s and you can see some of them on the blog here http://neilbaldwin.netpanorama/
  • I work and play with IT, it must be the second biggest interest, I am always tinkering with something, whether updating the blog, preparing photo’s, experimenting with the latest and greatest OS. I have quite a range of skills from Windows to Linux, SQL to MYSQL, Excel, PHP, WordPress, Apache. I also dabble in electronics for example Arduino or Raspberry PI but I have never really fully grasped all the concepts.
  • Walking is something I like to do to relax, especially in the local area the Chilterns. All you need is some stout footwear there are few pastimes that come cheaper. I like to go to the Suffolk and Norfolk coasts when time and money allow, as they are lovely places, and relatively accessible.
  • I combine walking and photography, with my love of wildlife especially birdwatching. It gives you an excuse for a rest when you are a walk to stop and take a good look around with the binoculars, and take pictures. My favourite reserves are BBOWT Dancersend, RSPB Minsmere and Titchwell, and NWT Cley Marshes.
  •  More recently I have started taking videos, and you can see them on my YouTube channel here http://www.youtube.com/user/YesBronze?feature=mhee again there are primarily for my own benefit but you might like some of them. Timelapse and nature feature predominantly.
  • I love going to the cinema you may see the odd film review on the blog.

That just about covers all about me, please enjoy the blog.