Australia – Brisbane to Stanthorpe via the Gold Coast

I had a hire car to pick up and a ledge booked for the Monday night, I was off on a road trip. We work up in the G&L household to a power cut. G dropped me off at Europcar and I picked up a Subaru Forrester. I headed for the Gold Coast on the M1 which quite busy, but I eventually arrived at the Gold Coast. However the traffic light were always red so I really wonder why I had bothered. I stopped and grabbed a coffee and then headed in land.

My accommodation was booked at a vineyard just outside Stanthorpe, but I was going to take my time getting there taking in the landscape. First I headed for Mount Tambourine which is actually a town. I stopped off at the tourist information then headed out to the Skywalk a raised walkway int he rain forest. It was raining a bit when I got there which ironically was probably the right sort of weather to visit a rain forest. I grabbed a macadamia nut biscuit from the cafe then headed towards Warwick.

I took a few small roads on the way taking in some great views of the agricultural area where most cleared fields had cattle grazing. At Warwick I parked up and stretched my legs with a walk up the high street where the cars all park at 45 degrees to the pavement down both sides.

As I approached my final destination it started to rain/drizzle, but I managed to find the Ridgemill estate at about 17:00. The accommodation was one of 8 chalets all with a parking porch. I headed into Stanthorpe and grabbed some fish and chops for dinner, which would be the second night in a row.