Australia – The Blue Mountains

The never ending steps
The never ending steps

As I had a hire car I thought I would go for a drive into the country, my destination, Katoomba, where I would be able to take a walk in the Blue Mountains. Google said an hour and 15 but it took about an hour and 30. I blame all the traffic lights, there are roundabouts but they all seem to be new, looks like Oz is warming up the English tradition of putting them everywhere. I stopped and n the center of Katoomba to grab a coffee and cake, but they had no cake so I settled for toast with peanut butter, which was an excellent choice.

I drove to the falls parking area but there was not information point, so I headed to the three sisters viewing, where I got a map for $6. my choice of walk was the Federal Pass track to the scenic railway where I hoped o get a ticket up, I don’t I could not then there was a lot of steps to get me up to the top of the cliff again.

In the Blue Mountain Forest

The 900 odd steps that make up the Giant Stairway, are very narrow and very steep, and by the time I got to the bottom my calves were shaking a little, even more reason to hope that I could get a ticket up again. The path undulates all the way with plenty of steps, the path was mostly in the shade f the cliff or the trees. It made a change to be out of the sun after spending the day at Sydney Harbour. When I got to the train station I was in two minds but eventually opted for the train as it would allow for more sight seeing.

The train track is extremely steep and varies in gradient the seats can be adjusted accordingly. At the top I had some lunch and a coffee on the terrace overlooking the valley. The walk back to the car would take me along the cliff top path which had great views. The wind was getting up a bit and it even looked like rain, and there were a few drops, but they amounted to nothing. As I got onto the cliff path a very strong gale of a wind started, at points the wind was funneled by the rock and made it hard t walk at other times the trees and cliff protected me from the wind.

The Three Sisters

Back at the car I decided to go back to base via a Radio museum which took another route back to Sydney, the road was very up and down and we crossed two mountains on the way including Mount Wilson. I got to the museum only 30 minutes before it closed so I did not go in, but I would remember t for another weekend time permitting.

I stopped off at the local Coles shopping center and got dinner from the excellent fishmongers which also coked and offers the fish with chips and/or salad. I had grilled tuna chips and salad and it turned out to be far too much for me, and at $16.90 a bargain.