Farmoor reservoir

I have never been to Farmoor. Used TomTom to get Helen and I there, asked at the gate about a hide key but £13 seemed a bit steep, (10 membership and 3 for the key). The Warden suggested that there was plenty to see anyhow. Walked along the causeway saw some small birds (warblers and tits around the nature reserve on the far side). Walking back round the non-sailing side came across sandpipers. Various wagtails, long tailed tits, garganey, and 7 common sandpipers.

College Road

Quick look during lunch break saw a Bullfinch, as well as the usual
pigeons and rooks

Two dying rabits

Saw a large bird of prey, not well enough to identify. It landed in a tree but by the time I had got to a place for a view I could not figure out which tree it had landed in. In the wet grass there were two frogs one small one adult size. Finally two small rabbits bot had mxymatosis.