Belfast again

Needed to catch the 8:35 left the house at 6:40. Had plenty of time to make my way through the airport and down to the quiet lounge and get an espresso without rushing. The was very little queue at the security hall so fast track security was not necessary, but it is useful to know it is there if needed.

Weather really nice here but forecast is for rain in Belfast! Should I have bought a coat or umbrella with me? In the new Oracle have bought Sun, this could be really good for mySQL, and gives Oracle an operating system, Solaris is well respected.

Someone laid me down a challenge to get my up the ranking in Google searches. I think that may be getting it noticed by aggregators my do the trick? Need to get the Google Hacks book out again. I will keep you posted with any progress I manage to make. Perhaps I should try to promote books by adding a feed for Neil Baldwin news?

No photo yet but I do have the Ricoh with me perhaps a picture from the window?