Canoe trip

The canoers
The canoers

If it is Wednesday it must be canoeing day. We set off at 10ish and stopped off first to book Beans Seal trip, then at the Blue Sky Thinking shop for a look at some tat.
Finally we were on our way to Fairhaven gardens to meet up with the canoe man. We were early, so we we had some lunch took at the cafe then took a stroll round the gardens which were free as part of the canoe deal. The gardens are kind of man made managed but do a good job of looking like natural wood land, there were quite a few mature and tall oak trees.

Fly agric

We met the Canoe Man, and headed on down to the landing point for a safety short briefing, then once kitted out with a buoyancy aid we all got into the canoes. The dog was a bit of a challenge but soon settled and was fine for the rest of the trip. We headed across the broad under the guidance of the leader and we all soon got he hang of the steering and paddling. Out of the other end of the broad we headed down a narrow creek and a bit of adventure having to duck under branches and push through reeds. The whole conoe trip lasted 2 hours. It was great fun and I would do it again, but would just rent a canoe and do my own thing.

Back at the cafe we had coffe and cake before heading back to the hut, we had a fun day out.