Hanna (***)

Hanna film poster

Interesting film about a your girl who lives with her father in the deepest tundra. Hanna is a trained by her father in preparation for when she goes back into the real world and is likely to be tracked down by a CIA agent who started a program to genetically modify human embryos to breed stronger humans for military purpose. The CIA person wants all traces of the program eliminated to cover up her mistakes of the past.

Hanna returns to civilisation and the action starts, as she travels from Africa across Europe with baddies after her. The film is very artistically filmed and there are some great scenery shots.

Submarine (***)

Submarine film poster

Thanks to C&A we got an invite to see a film at The Rex, the film is called Submarine. It centres around a young lad who is awkward and unpopular at school, he fantasizes about his own death and other things. He thinks that is dad is depressed and his mother is having an affair with a hippy and old flame who lives next door. He embarks on a misguided campaign to bring the family back together while attempting to impress a classmate , a straight-talking, eczema-suffering pyromaniac who “hates any place that could be termed romantic.

Filmed entirely almost entirely on Barry island it is a funny film but not that funny hence only 3 out of 5.


A Single Man (**)

Film poster a single man

This film is takes place on a single day some time around the Cuban missile crisis. George Falconer (Colin Firth) is trying to overcome the grief of losing his long term partner, over the course of the day he has various encounters, and we are treated to lots of flash backs and day dreams. The film is visually stunning but with too much symbolism for my tastes hence only two stars.

22 Bullets (***)

Film poster 22 Bullets

A Jean Reno film who one of our favourite actors. The plot is that Jean Reno plays a retired Mafia boss who is targeted by a past partner in crime who has turned a bit obsessive compulsive. He tries hard to not get revenge because he had previously promised to to get out of his past life, but slowly his rival draws him into the war.

The Reader (****)

This film star Kate Winslett and Ralph Fiennes gets off to a slow start, but then sucks you in as the plot thickens and it all starts to make more sense.

The Reader Poster

It is based in Berlin after the war and also in more recent times. A school boy has an affair one summer with a tram conductor, who turns out to later to be on trial for being an SS guard in Auschwitz. The boy reads the books he is studying to her (hence the film title).

The story then slowly takes you through the life of the boy up to date, and how his and her life are connected.

Greate story hence 4 stars.

Beneath Hill 60 (***)

Beneath Hill 60 film poster

The film is set in the first world war when a bunch of Australians miners are tasked with tunnelling under the Germans and planting tons of explosives. The miners play cat a mouse with the German tunnellers.

The film is a bit predictable in that 1st world war an and tunnelling films have been done before, but it is interesting in that I was not aware that there was such extensive tunnels dug during the war.

Mr Nice (***)

Mr Nice film poster

I’ve read the book so it will be interesting to see if the film is as good as the book which was OK but not memorable. It is the story of Howard Marks (played by Rhys Ifans) a notorious Welsh drugs smuggler.

The film uses an interesting technique, the film starts off in the 60/70’s and they use genuine footage with the actors overlaid to great effect. It does however give a film a sort of amateur feel to it but in a good way.

Rhys Ifans plays the role well and adds to the whole slightly tongue in cheek attitude to the film.

Brooklyn’s Finest (***)

Brooklyn's finest film poster

Film about 3 policemen in New York’s 65th precinct. Each of them have complex situations. One is under cover, is a good cop who is afraid he is turning ferral, wants out, and his boss needs him working undercover. He is also indebted to a criminal who once saved his life.
The next is a family man with 4 kinds and wife pregnant with twins, who want to move to a bigger house, the one he is is run down, and he has trouble paying the mortgage. He feels under great pressure, and has stolen from criminals to get money to move.
Finally the one played by Richard Gere is a week away from retirement and just wants to serve his time.
The plot is complex and it all comes together in the final scenes.

Exit via the gift shop (****)

Exit via the gift shop

This is Banksy’s first film, about a French man living in California who somehow gets involved in documenting street artists and their art.

It is  filmed as a documentary with plenty of intervieww of the french man and Banksy. The french man essentially gets his camera turned back on him by Banksy.

This is a hard to explain film but well work wathcing.