Coke to clean your loo

Coke Can Clean Your Toilet in a Pinch

from Lifehacker by Gina Trapani

When your toilet’s got rings and lime scale stains and you’ve got no cleaning gear on hand, grab a can of Coke out of the fridge.

According to wikiHow, you can pour Coke into a dirty toilet and the carbonic, citric, and phosphoric acids in it will break down stains, especially if you can leave it overnight to do the work. (Soda water will work too, without all the sugary residue.) Be warned though: this technique won’t save you from the dreaded brushing of the bowl itself.

It’s snowing


First day back at work and it is snowing. Car tracks running up the curb all over the estate.

One car on the bypass had mounted the central barrier and was balanced on top. Two people at work put thier cars in the ditch.

A great day to start back to work.

Go Ape

Here is an example of an embedded you tube video. Taffy and I did Go Ape.

London to Brighton vintage car run Crawley coffee stop.

Waiting for the car at Crawley. Seen Kestrel, Magpie, Wood Pigeon, Feral Pigeon, and Rook. Car had a tyre come off at Croydon, which took a while to change once they got delivery of a new one. Gilberts schedule will be shot to pieces so I suspect it will have to be a swift half in the White Hart!

BACCC V Invinghoe and Pitstone

Rory was out for 40 just as I turned up, but it was the highest score. Final score 111 to Aston and 195 to the opposition.

Le tour de France

Le Tour prologue today! Catch train from Hemel Hempstead to Euston. Spend time near the mall after finish takibg photos.


Rory, Lizzie, Helen, Carmel, and Pete. Lizzie mention the wedding website

Snowgate Head


Snowgate Head

In farm yard! Ruddy Shelduck.