Finally we get some snow

Thai restaurant the Royal Siam
Thai restaurant the Royal Siam

As promised by the Met Office we got some snow on Saturday night. It started about 17:00  just as the light was fading and too late to make a timelapse sequence, which I had had running all afternoon. The wind was blowing so I had high hopes of some drifting.

We were up fairly early Helen went to church and I went off up the hills with video and camera. The snow was already starting to melt and the main road was mostly clear of snow. I headed up the main road then too a right turn up Stablebridge. I stopped off at the Thai roundabout and the canal bridge to take a sequence of shots for stitching in to Panoramas, I was trying a new sequence using two rows the downward one just getting in the Nadir then 3/4 shots for the Zenith.

I was the first person to walk the footpath that crosses the Chiltern Forest Golf Club, the temperature was a bit lower so the snow was not melting as much as down in the village. In the woods there was a good six inches of snow, just over my knuckles when using a hand to measure.

The elusive stile

I was surprised at the number of different animal tracks in the snow. I spotted fox, deer and rabbit as well as a couple that I could not figure out, one was a very small mammal. I must  make a point of learning what the tracks of all the UK mammals look like.

Once up at the top of Aston Hill I headed down the Russians chalet drive put crossed the stile and over the field. On the drive the drifts were about two foot deep. It was difficult navigating across the field and the mist meant there was no landmarks. I just made out the trig point in the middle then walked bland in the general direction of the other stile until I saw it.

On the way up the the cafe I came across a forestry working clearing the road single handedly clearing the road with a snow shovel. I wished him well in his thankless task as the gate at the entrance was shut! Up at the Cafe in the Woods, which was shut, there was not many people about, all of them must have walked up just as I had.

Misty in the woods

After taking some video at the top some of it of the bird feeders, I headed off down the path that leads to the forestry compound near the entrance. I passed a brave soul mountain biking up the hill towards the cafe. I hope she was not banking on a coffee!

I quickly was back down in the village where I stopped off to pick up Helen and have some coffee and cake at the outlaws, cherry and sultana cake was lovely. Suitably refreshed Helen and I walked home then headed off to see “Man on a ledge” at the cinema. It did not live up to my expectations but was all the same enjoyable I gave it 3 out of 5.