Have dongle will travel

Flooded footpath
Flooded footpath
Off to Holmfirth for the weekend. The M1 was unexpectedly kind and it only took us 3 hours, in spite of wild winds and rain. The roadworks near Nottingham are now complete and the extra lane makes a big difference. I tested out my netbook and dongle, and that whiled away the journey very nicely, although I should apologise for the excessive number of Facebook comments. Neil was able to enjoy the news quiz and the Archers in relative peace. Lots of warning signs about the high winds and the Sheffield bridge stretch was restricted to 40mph. Got up Norf at 7.30pm and K cooked some lovely tomato n spinach pasta.
The “interesting” weather continued on Saturday. The smalls went to drama and afterwards the menfolk went hunter gathering in Holmfirth. In the afternoon we braved the weather and went for a walk on the Dearne Valley Way. It rained and rained but it was a lovely spot, with towering beech trees. To reach the woods, we had to traverse a set of what were normally stone steps but the continual rain had turned into a small waterfall. The woods were a popular spot for the birds, we saw several treecreepers and a nuthatch. Many of the sloping paths had temporarily turned into streams. We had hoped to cross the river to get to an impressive rope swing, however the stepping stones had disappeared under the deluge and we could not find a safe place to ford it, although the smalls took some convincing.
Swollen river
Back home to de damp and hot drinks all round. Then we watched Toy Story 3 in front of the fire. K had cannily prepared chilli in the morning and left it slow cook. With wraps, home made salsa and guacamole, grated cheese and sour cream, it made a delicious dinner. Followed by some lovely Co-op yogurt and strawberry ice cream. When the smalls went off to bed, we tried out Rummikub, a number game which seems to be based on cards and enjoyed several rounds. Us wimmin stayed up to put the world to rights, although I am glad I said no to the slow gin.
Still very windy on Sunday although thankfully the rain had stopped. We did some cottage research for Bath, for a rather delayed birthday celebration. It will be lovely to do it in the Spring, with the lighter days and plants waking up again. We have found a fantastic looking house in central Bath, which fulfills our detailed requirements list and even has a couple of parking spaces! We had an early lunch of beans/cheese on toast and then headed off down the M1, which is where I am currently typing this. 16 miles to Northampton so have passed the half way point.