Local Walk – Amersham to Wendover

Chiltern view

We were meeting up with the Pearce’s in the afternoon, so I thought I would get a cheeky walk in in the morning. After a bit of pondering I decided to try walking from American to Wendover. I dropped Helen off at church then headed to Wendover where I found a space on the high street. At the station I found out that there was replacement buses running from Aylesbury to Great Missenden, I thought about bailing out. An ex colleague was waiting for a bus too so I took the opportunity to catch up.

A Motts travel coach turned up on time and ferried us to Great Missenden station where a train was waiting. I did not realise that Google had sent me to the station at 09:32 for the bus because it knew there was a bus replacement service, the train is normally a bit later. The train left Missenden at the time the train would normally leave.

Aldbury Church

The weather was damp but not raining, overcast with little prospect of the sun coming out, I would have to look for fungi to take photos of. on the train I sat with my ex colleague and we chatted.

At Amersham I alighted and went to the kiosk and asked for an americano, he grabbed the filter coffee jug, I turned him down and headed for the high street to find a proper americano. I noticed a oldish guy in walking gear who had been on the train, I asked if he was walking back to Wendover, he wasn’t he was geocaching, I explanation Ned how I used to but I fell out of love when it got serious with puzzle ones etc. I liked it when all you had to do was find a box. He said he liked the puzzle ones and was going to do a sweep of the Amersham area caches.

He headed to a cafe for breakfast and I grabbed a decent coffee and we went our separate ways, I also went down the high street and forward for an iced bun and a snickers for the journey.

Aldbury vllage pond

I walked through a well to do housing estate with large houses then was soon crossing muddy crop fields, then I was in pastures and the odd woods for the rest of the walk.At about 7 mikes I stopped for a rest at The Lee village green.

I now joined the Chiltern link, which seems to join Chesham to the Ridgeway or Wendover, taking in Coombe hill. As I got within a couple of miles of Wendover j was in familiar territory. As I descending down to the level of Wendover I came across a couple of air vents and a seriously concreted over trap door. Not sure what it was but I would love to know.

By the time I had got to Wendover I had just passed the 10 mile mark, which had been my estimate. I found the car and drove home, and had time to cook a Dahl before R&I turned up with the kids. We wandered over to the park and checked out a football match for a while them had a beverage at the cage in the park. By the end of the say I had done a 60,000 step weekend, I think it is a new record for me.