Local walk – Hughenden Manor to Prince’s Risborough

I had a lie in after my late night at the Buckland Church film night. A monthly event where a film is screened a and supper servered during an interval. Last night’s film was Les Femmes did Sixieme Etage, a French film set early sixties about Spanish maids working for Parisian households. The following on was quite good and a bit of a comedy. They also serve drinks and I had a couple of beers during the film, it is an unusual thing to be doing in a church watching a film and drinking. The only down side was the pews are not very comfortable.

Anyway I digress, I wax my up early so I opted for a local walk, and after some poring over mas I decided to get a bus from Princes Risborough to Hughenden and then find a route back via Speen. I would pass some of the places from my walk the Sunday before. I parked up and walked into the town centre, luckily for me the bus was running late.

I was soon at the Hughenden stop but it had started to rain and being a cold day I did not fancy getting wet and cold. Luckily it was a short walk to the National Trust cafe where a lingered over a coffee, waiting for the rain to stop. The BBC weather app suggested it would pass over between 12:00 and 13:00, I had my fingers crossed. I noticed out of a window that the corner of a table umbrella was dripping quite fast so I timed 50 drips to estimate the rain fall rate, a second count of 50 drips a while later took twice as long so I decided that it was safe enough to venture out again.

I was on familiar ground for a while then turned off the path from the week before to follow a good path with little mud for a couple of miles, before reaching Walters Ash which is where RAF High Wycombe is located, I paused at the entrance to the officers mess which prompted the guard to come out of his hut. Electronics c signs were advertising events happening and how to web surf safely at Christmas.

I crossed the road and was soon back to foot paths, as I left the vilkage the path boatdered a school playing field all that was left of the snow were large snowballs and melting snowmen.

My next stop was Speen where I had vaguely planned but the King William IV was shut so I settled for a packet of crisps and a Chelsea bun from the village shop which was just about to close for the day, but not before the kind lady told me the the story about the now closed pub. I had lunchand in a bus shelter, as it had the only dry seat I could find, however the day was finally getting brighter.

The final few miles were familiar to me from previous walks and eventually I got to the Whiteleaf car park above Prince’s Risborough. I followed a footpath which ran parallel to Kop Hill famous for its hill climb. I was tired by that point probably because of the cold weather, so did not linger too long BT did get a reasonable shot of the sunset.

I picked up a couple of 2.7℅ beers from Mark’s and Spencer when changed I have found to be very flavoursome.