Missed an Osprey by 10 minutes

Arrived a wilstone hide to be told that a sparrow hawk had just scared the birds away and that a few minutes earlier an osprey had flown over.
Still managed to see a Common Sandpipper, lots of gulls about may be they have been blown in by the hurricane? A couple of Hobbies flew over then it was time to go.

Lunchtime foray

Thought I had see a distant Buzzard but it turned out to be a Red Kite, which is unusual over this way but becoming more common. The two Kestrels were chasing prey (Crane flies?), and seemed to be jousting each other at one point.

Kestrels behaving strangely

Walked down to the gate at the end of college road. Not alot happening, but then I spotted a couple of Kestrels coasting along the hedge line on the updraft where the wind hit the hedge. They then proceeded to chase stuff down on the ground. They may have been chasing crane flies, I think I have read/seen something which describes that behaviour.