Osprey at Weston Turville reservoir

Osprey Weston Turville Reservoir
Osprey Weston Turville Reservoir

Since the first week of our holiday I had seen reports on Twitter of an Osprey at Weston Turville reservoir, a local to home reservoir. It is pretty small as reservoirs go there is a sailing club but they sail small boats like Lasers. I would say it is about 200 metres by 300-400 metres. I thought I should check it out, so I dropped Helen off at her folks and popped round.

The signs were good there were bird watchers there with scopes and binoculars. I enquired about the Osprey it had apparently made an appearance earlier and caught two fish, but had not been seen for a while. Time lapse and birding are quite complimentary as you can set the camera up and use the waiting time to watch for birds. That is exactly what I did, I tried out my new panning device bought on Amazon for less tgat £20, basically a good quality kitchen timer.

Osprey Weston Turville Reservoir

I had done one sequence and popped over to start a new one, taking in the sailing rave tgat had just started and noticed that the other bird watchers had got all excited. The Osprey was back, it circled over the water for a while, giving me a chance to get some shots, as it passed over the bank end of the reservoir, then headed off towards Stoke Mandeville. Mission accomplished, next I popped up to Coombe hill to get some more sequences, there was s nothing like doing something to get proficient at it, the old 10,000 hours theory.

Laser Weson Turville Reservoir

I put the GoPro on the panorama plinth at the monument, at the top of Coombe hill, it got some funny looks and some questions but I managed to do 20 minutes which equates to 120 degrees of panning. Some people were I view at times but I hoped that it would add to the final video, remember every day is a school day.

The rest of the day was spent processing photo’s and videos and catching up on missed TV especially “This is England 90”

Grand tour of the local hotspots


Grand tour of the local hotspots

College lake Whooper swan, Snipe, Canada Geese, Mute Swan, Coot, Tufted Duck, Shoveler, Mallard, Magour, Long tailed Tit, Great created Grebe, Lapwing, Black headed Gull, Blue Tit, Chaffinch, Sand Martin.
Marsworth reservoir Chiffchaff, Great Tit, Common Tern, Mustle Thrush.

Wilston reservoir

Very hazy, wind ESE. Common sandpiper being harassed by the lapwings, lots of wigeon (more than 20), plenty of shovelers, teal, the resident barnacle goose, starling, heron, and all the other usual suspects.

Possible Ferruginous Duck

Alert on RBA to a possible Ferruginous Duck went down the reservoir but could not see it. Apparently the distinguishing feature from a Tufted is a white eye. I did however see a Scaup which is a first for me.