Australia – Double Header Weekend at Work

As it was the cutover weeked for the project I was working on there would be not a lot of leisure time as we would be working the Saturday and Sunday. The weeked coincided with a double header weekend the final of the Ozzie rules football was on the Saturday and the Ozzie rugby league final was on the Sunday.

We went for a leisurely 08:00 start on the Saturday after early starts all week, and we were in the office by 09:00. The plan was to do all the cutover stuff, such as making sure all the transactional stuff which was partially processed was put on the system whilst normal users were not, so that the postings wold be done in way that was not the same as for normal processing.

The AFL final was being listened to or streamed to mobiles by some of us, one person in particular was a Brisbane fan, they were the under dogs but there was high hopes as they had pulled something out of the bag as the season completed, winning crucial matches when it counted. They started off slightly behind but towards the end they had a commanding lead, and eventually won by 48 points. Someone had arranged for a bottle of champagne, and we all had a glass to celebrate.

We worked until 19:00 so it was a longer day than we anticipated. We went back to the hotel and did a quick turnaround and headed out to a pub called The Grovesnor for some dinner. I had a light meal grill Barramundi on crushed potatoes and salad, which was nice, a couple of schonners of a local ale washed it al down. I was in bed by 21:00 we had another early start on Sunday.

We had breakfast at 07:00 and left for the office at 07:30, when we arrived we had a five minute wait for a key holder to let us in. It was a to be a ground hog day, we we mostly doing data entry tasks to get open balances for customers, vendors and stock, although some of it could be uploaded, there was upfront Excel work to get it all in the right format.

The day dragged on a bit, I busied myself getting reporting to see the new transactions. By 16:30 we were still in the office, and the Rugby League Final was to start at 17:00ish. Someone managed to get sign up for a weekly free pass trial, and managed to get the game running on a laptop. We would at least be able to keep track of the game.

In the end Storm won and the Tigers lost it was the wrong result for the people at work, as a couple came from the East Coast. It was getting late in the day sowe called it a day at 19:00 it had been a long day, and there was still Monday morning to face when the users come in and use the system.