Australia – Last days in Perth and trip back to Sydney

The project had been on the whole successful and as a treat we were all take out to see some Japanese Taiko drummers who happened to be at His Majesty’s Theatre on the Thursday. The show was at 19:30 and we had a table booked for 16 at a restaurant called The Stables near by. The food was excellent we shared three starters of Sashimi, Goats cheese balls and Duck leg confit. Fo rmain I had a Salmon dish which was excellent.

Although we had plenty of time we almost got locked out of the theatre, arriving just before the lights went down. I did not really know what to expect as how many ways are there to hit a drum? I was about to be corrected, they did set pieces and geez were they good at at it, and the combined sound of many drums is with different stick weights is surprisingly versatile.

The show was about 2 hours including the interval, we then split into three groups those who where staying the south of Perth, local and 4 of us who were staying at the Quality Ambassador. We were on a mission to track down a pale ale from the Cheeky Monkey brewery, we had tried it a previous night. It is a long story regardin how we came to find it but it involved, not going to a Chinese for a curry, a long walk, and a very hot Lhaksa. We headed back to the hotel but stopped off at a multi bar restaurant building. We tried to get our chosen beer at the “Beer corner” but they didn’t have it, so we went down stairs to to the Asian Fusion restaurant, they had the beer we were looking for.

We stopped for a couple and had a great laugh chewing the cud and celbrating the success of the project. Then we headed back to the hotel where we arrived slightly later than anticipated. We went straight to our rooms and some of us met for breakfast at 07:00 and others skipped breakfast for an extra 30 hour in bed.

We were only at the office till just before 12 the airport was close, however we took a wrong turning, and ended up at the wrong terminal and had to double back. For some reason I could not check my bag in, so S took me to the check in desk with his Qantas Gold card. Unfortunatley it was too late, I would have to get the next flight. Luckily it was only an hour after the original,but they wanted $150 to change flight. The 15:15 left on time and I even managed to get my centre seat changed for a window seat.

I landed at 10 and got to my hotel at 23:30 it had been a long day.