Australia -Sydney Spit Bridge to North Head via Manly

I got back to the hotel late, so with no time to research a day out I decided to drive to North Head then get the bus to Spot Bridge then do the classic walk back to Manly. After going off track and bus went crossing the harbour bridge again, that’s three times now, I got to North Head at 09:00. I parked up and then walked from the head to Manly where I caught a bus.

According to Wikipedia “North Head is a headland south-east of the suburb of Manly. It is part of Sydney Harbour National Park. The headland is a promontory of sandstone and is 3.85 square kilometers (1.49 sq mi) in area.” There were a lot of military buildings, defense positions, and a military memorial wall.

It was mainly down hill Manly via Shelly beach whilst taking photos some lifeguards asked me if I had seen it, I said what! There had apparently been a shark spotted. They warned some swimmers, then radio’d base and ran off to save some more people. Manly is pretty much you typical seaside town lots of shops selling either beach wear or souvenirs. I wandered down to the ferry terminal, and grabbed a falafel salad from one of the food stands for later. Google directed me to the next bus to Spit Bridge.

The bus did not take long to get to Spit Bridge as the bus took the more direct route rather than hugging the twisted coast line which the path hugs closely even using a beach at one point. I saw an interesting business a guy in a speed boat was selling ice creams to people on the beaches. He went from beach to beach the boat name was the Sea-ducer I wonder if he sold juices as well. I managed a couple of time lapses on the walk. The weather was mainly sunny with some clouds, in the lee of the wind and in the sun it was hot but in the shade with the wind it was cold.

Ahead of me two girls ran screaming, I asked them what the matter was, they explained that there was a lizard on the path. It turned out to be a dragon lizard which are fairly common in the area. It was sat on the path and quite brave not moving when I approached. It was about a foot long excluding the tail, i.e. nose to rear legs. I went to take a picture but some people coming the other way scared it off. Later on nearer Manly I came a cross a very obliging one and was able to get a close up at eye level shot with my fish eye.

When I got to manly I decided that I could get a taxi back to the car as I had done the bit to North head earlier. I was quite tired by the time I was back at the car so I headed back to my hotel via the local supermarket fish stall for some grilled sea perch and chips.