Windows 7 (32bit)


Got it working. Windows 7 (32bit) works with Juniper network connect.

However it does not seem to work well with Norton 360, Network connect connects but the whole machine locks up when you sign-out. Uninstalling Norton 360 fixes the issue.
I will have to look for some other anti-virus solution.

Windows 7 beta


Downloaded and installed the 64bit version of Windows 7. It was a doddle to install, with two reboots. All seems to work OK and pretty responsive.
Pretty much the same as Vista but, maybe because I am used to Vista, it seems more intuitive, things were easy to find and did what you wanted.
Could not get Juniper Network Connect to work so will try 32bit version before giving up.

My First Post!

This is my first post. I took advantage of the 95% discount with DreamHost, which was a real bargain. I have two years of hosting with MySQL, shell access and “unlimited” bandwidth and storage!