Windows 7 beta


Downloaded and installed the 64bit version of Windows 7. It was a doddle to install, with two reboots. All seems to work OK and pretty responsive.
Pretty much the same as Vista but, maybe because I am used to Vista, it seems more intuitive, things were easy to find and did what you wanted.
Could not get Juniper Network Connect to work so will try 32bit version before giving up.

Delayed at Luton


Due to go to Northern Ireland today, but the plane is delayed, by 35 minutes, hence the blog entry! Tried to download windows v7 recently but despite all the hype the servers are not responding. Found an interesting idea from Microsoft, “Tags”, which are essentially colour bar codes. The colour allows more bits to be packed in. They provide examples for you to create could be used to identify products. It also never crossed my mind before you could ask someone to email in a photo of a product label which could be used to log a warranty call. Obviously this would work with any type of bar code.