Luton Ferrari


They are raffling off a Ferrari at Luton airport. I wonder what the chances of winning are? Off to Gilford Road with Shirley and Vanessa.

Delayed at Luton


Due to go to Northern Ireland today, but the plane is delayed, by 35 minutes, hence the blog entry! Tried to download windows v7 recently but despite all the hype the servers are not responding. Found an interesting idea from Microsoft, “Tags”, which are essentially colour bar codes. The colour allows more bits to be packed in. They provide examples for you to create could be used to identify products. It also never crossed my mind before you could ask someone to email in a photo of a product label which could be used to log a warranty call. Obviously this would work with any type of bar code.

New office

In new office on first floor. Excellent view over fields.
Red Kite in tree, loads of Tits, and two buzzards fighting, whilst scaring all the Rooks.

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Close encounter with a fox

Lunch time stroll stood at gate near work when a fox wandered up to within 4 meters. 4 Buzzards 3 soaring and one being mobbed by rooks.