Priority security queue Luton

Plane in the sun
Plane in the sun

Luton have introduced a priority queue for security. You have to pay £3 at a kiosk which issues you with a ticket. This morning the queues were snaking all round the hall so I thought stuff this and splashed out. The kiosks could be a bit more user friendly as it was not obvious what to do. There did seem to be a window for reading bar codes, but I was not asked to scan my boarding card, perhaps this is for future developments. Ticket in hand I joined a queue of 1 (is that a queue?) and walked straight through to a screening machine, a man tried to herd me to push in to the handful of people queuing there (overspill from the big queue) the Englishman in me felt this was a step too far! All things considered well worth the £3, next time I will take a glance at the queue and make a decision at that point I see no merit in booking on line.



I had never been to Clitheroe until today. Had to go there for a meeting today. Went to my brothers on Sinday and sent time with my niece and nephew, so that the journey would not be so long today. The town is at the foot of a lot of lovely looking hills, and the scenery and grand.

Luton airport tip


If you are travelling from Luton on EasyJet then here is a tip for you. After security pass straight through the crowded main shopping area and head down towards gate 1-9. At the end of the corridors there is a quiet area with a coffee bar, and no people. Most EasyJet flights go from that end so when the flight is called you can quickly get to the required gate and be at the front of the queue.

A while back I realised I was not the only person, a few weeks on the trot I noticed a captain sat there staring at the departure times then when the gate was displayed he would jump up and walk in a hurry to the gate, he always beat me. One week I positioned my self near the exit and raced him to the gate it was a close thing. Turns out he flew for Whizz air and was from eastern Europe.

More snow


My window at work, it’s a crap picture but I decide what goes up and what does not. Only a handful of people made it to work today. Off to Eastbridge later hopefully if the conditions allow. A41 is apparently shut between Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead, so fingers crossed.

Yet more snow


Woke up to more snow today. Walked to work via Buckland. Not many people at work and they shut the place down at one. Walked home then got on with some work. The picture is The Oak pub in Aston Clinton taken on the way to work.

EasyJet late then on time

Arrived at Belfast International and all looked good, then an announcement suggested a 45 minute delay. Next thing you know we are called to gate 14. Not sure if Google latitude works in the UK although I got it working I think its is because my Blackberry is attached to a server in Dublin, then when I surf the internet that is too. Did not see any of the 000’s of Waxwings being reported.

Luton again


Snow has not stopped me getting to Luton. Road over Whipsnade pretty dodgy car seemed to be close to not gripping the road going up the hill. Snow not affecting flights.

Luton Ferrari


They are raffling off a Ferrari at Luton airport. I wonder what the chances of winning are? Off to Gilford Road with Shirley and Vanessa.

Delayed at Luton


Due to go to Northern Ireland today, but the plane is delayed, by 35 minutes, hence the blog entry! Tried to download windows v7 recently but despite all the hype the servers are not responding. Found an interesting idea from Microsoft, “Tags”, which are essentially colour bar codes. The colour allows more bits to be packed in. They provide examples for you to create could be used to identify products. It also never crossed my mind before you could ask someone to email in a photo of a product label which could be used to log a warranty call. Obviously this would work with any type of bar code.