Thames Path 2 – Day 12 Hammersmith to Westminster

Busy at work right now and I was baby sitting a data migration over the weekend for a new system. I work up early 0500 so decided to check on progress and get the early train to Euston at 0601. As the data migration only needed an eye on it and the odd nudge I took a WiFi hotspot and tablet with me, so I could use a Citrix client. It is amazing how easy it is to connect to work these days.

Moored barges

The journey to Hammersmith would only take 1:15. I headed straight for the Victoria line and headed south to Green Park then changed to the Piccadilly line to Hammersmith. THe ube was full of people going to work lots of builders, and many asleep. It was a short walk to the river and Hammersmith Bridge. I stuck to the north bank as sun was low in the sky and the light still warm.

The sky was quite blue with plenty of wispy high altitude clouds and some low fluffy cumulous. I had high hopes of capturing some great photos. I was soon passing seom of the University Boat Race landmarks, the Harrods Depositary, and Fulham Football club. At Fulham ground you are forced inland and past the brick work of the end of the stadium. Interestingly all the fan entrances were only one body wide, perhaps to control the flow of fans, you would only fit one person at a time. Finally I got to Putney Bridge which is where the race starts.

Just before Battersea Bridge I heard a helicopter, but could not see it anywhere, then I came across the London Heliport where a copter was getting ready ti take off. It taxied out to the hilpad over the rivers edge, on its wheels. The took off, after a which a smaller hilcopter that had passed by a few minutes earlier descended then hovered over the pad then taxied a few metres off the ground to a parking space, where a member of staff signalled it to the correct position using ping pong bats.

Cranes at Battersea power station construction

I was getting a bit hungry that point so I searched google maps for somewhere to eat, I fancied a late breakfast. Vibes cafe came up as good and it was just on the land edge of Battersea park, a bit of a detour. It was well worth the visit, in a small parade of shops in a non descript building, I had a lavely Avo on toast when crumble goats cheese and a poached egg. Washed down with a black coffee and a sit down it was very welcome.

Next land mark was Battersea power station, which is being redeveloped, I tried to get some pictures of the many white cranes amongst the iconic chimneys. I passed the US embassy and then crossed the river at Vauxhall bridge. It was getting hot in the sun so I popped into Tate Britain and found a sofa in the cool building. I logged into work and pushed a few jobs in the migration on.

Thames side apartement block

I decides to finish at Westminster Bidge as it was getting hot and I had walked far enough. To boot the demonstration against Boris was due at noon on Whitehall. I joined the chanting crowds at the junction with Downing Street, and made my voice heard. I hung around for a while protesting then headed straight back to Euston from Charring Cross tube station.

I got the 13:01 train but it did not go to plan. The train puled forward then stopped, then when it was out of the station it stopped again. Apparently the signals on the slow lane were faulty. Eventually we reversed back then went forward and were pointed to the fast lane. It added a bout 20 minutes to Journey. I expected to do the final leg to the Thames barrier next time. I also had to think about walking a bit further on, but how far?