Thames path 2 – Day 11 Kingston to Hammersmith

Very early start as the day was promising to be hot and I would be walking in London outskirts. The 06:01 from Berkhamsted was on the and whisked me away to Euston. I had decided on a slight change of plan, I had 32 miles left to do and if I kept up the average it would mean two days walking. My new plan was to do it over three days and take in some of the London landmarks along the way. Today would be from Kingston to Barnes. I had considered driving to the London Wetland centre but although the parking was free it did not open till 09:30, and in any case the train would be a similar time.

London heliport

The path is really good on this stretch and fairly urban beyond the green of the parks by the river side. I decided to time my sled for the first hour, to see what speed I could sustain. I managed the fouril s to Richmond Bridge in an hour and four minutes which I was pleased with. My pace was fast bit not flat out. I treated myself to an almond croissant and coffee from a cafe under one of the bridge arches.

My next 4 miles was 01:10 done at a normal somewhat leisurely pace. The path continues past Kew and ???. The bridges are becoming more frequent, as the centre of London gets closer. There were lots of joggers on the path all with those own style of running. I left the path at Hammersmith and got the tube to Westminster my support was needed there.

Thames bridge

The remainers were protesting at against Boris and Brexit, so I thought I would go along and show support. I was a bit early so I headed towards the start of the march and joined in for a bit at Trafalgar Square.