Thames path 2 – Day 10 Staines on Thames to Kingston upon Thames

I was in two minds about walking this Saturday because the weather was predicted to be quite hot but on examination of the detail and he said it wasn’t going to get hot to later on in the afternoon and by that time you will be cloudy and ever after beer cooling breeze. So I headed out by car to Twickenham which would be a pivot point for my public transport journeys full stop first from Twickenham to Staines and then when I walk to Kingston from Kingston back to Twickenham that resulted in the shortest journey.

I left the house 16 and was at Staines station by 8 he was very early said he would many people about 4 though there were four lads asleep on the bank before of the wine and beer clearly had been out all night. The first way point of note was the Penton Hook lock, and very grand it is too, wide and with a white imposing lock keepers house.

Chertsey Lock and bridge followed. The bridge looks quite old, compared the others on this stretch of the Thames. My first stop was for coffee at the Nauticalia shop where a ferry takes you over the river to Weybridge. The coffee and lemon and elder flower cake went down a treat.

The ferry was very short, and I was the only passenger. Although fairly urban you go through a patch of river with no visible houses except for one with its own bridge. I did a timedile for the fun of it and got a time of 17:20, which I was happy with. I rested for 10 minutes at Sunbury lock. I had another 6.5 miles to go for the day.

The next few miles whizzed by, as I tried another times distance, this time at what I thought was a slower pace, but I managed 16:10 minute miles. I don’t trust the Fitbit anymore, time to get a GPS logger me thinks.

At Kingston there was a regatta going on, and I went straight to Hampton Wick station and got the train back to Twickenham, coat a generous £2.20.