Thames Path 2 – Day 9 Maidenhead to Staines on Thames via Windsor

The weather promised to be hot 22 to 23 degrees down by the Thames, however late morning it would become cloudy so I took the opportunity for an early start and parked up at Windsor station early 4707 train to Windsor. From Windsor I took a taxi to Maidenhead and I would drop stuff just one turns.

There was some sort of swimming isn’t going on as I hit the path loads of people in wetsuits and swimsuits walking up the path they clearly finished their swim and were returning home. I passed under the Brunel bridge the widest and lowest brick arches in the world. Later down the path possibly a mile I came across the end of the race where they were packing up the electronic detectors full stop

The sun was shining and it was starting to get quite warm. The river pass is very quiet alien Matthew dog walkers and runners. The path is on the left populated side of the river with quite a few large houses on the far bank.

by the time I got to Windsor the sun was quite high in the sky and it was getting very hot however the cloud with starting to form and I look forward to the time when we had full cloud gallery so it wouldn’t be quite a lot. Windsor you cross the river and get onto the other card where are you then passed around the peninsula of land that Windsor castle is built on. The grass bank on the other side is far more valid than the one where the path goes. Next place of note was Eton knock with its flower beds and grand houses around.

It started to heat up a bit takeaway went through Runnymede, which is where the Magna carta was signed many years ago. I stopped off at pub for a well earned on Tuesday and soda water and sat on a table next to a table of Americans who appeared to be walking the Thames. they left before me that I think at caught up with him and another couple who I had them catching up with and then then overtaking me since Windsor.

I was really glad to get to Maidenhead and it was only a short walk to the railway station. The weather had turned sunny again so it was getting very hot and because I wasn’t wearing my walking boots my feet were more sore than usual. This make of the path was not particularly inspirational that was nice to go through Windsor most of the day was spent underneath the Heathrow flight path which made it very difficult to listen to podcast. now I only have another three legs to go and I’ll have to come up with some other route to walk.