Beans seal trip

Seals on Blakeney point
Seals on Blakeney point

We saved our seal trip till the end of the week, just as the weather turned. We wrapped up well and all wore water proofs, as it was pissing down with rain. We were all ready for the trip down at Morston Quay at 09:20 ready for the 09:30 boat trip.

There were some clearings in the clouds but they were not heading our way, the weather was coming from the NW and it looked grey, from that direction. We got under way and listened to the safety talk, the two crew were ones Helen and I had done a trip with  before.

Norfolk sail boat

Every so often a wave would break over the bow of the boat and get us a little wet. There were plenty of birds on the move across the marshes and flying low to the water. The boat headed past the old lifeboat station on the point, then out towards the end of the point itself.

The seals all congregate at the end of the point, there were about 60 lazing around on the sand bank and every so often we could see some floating in the water with their heads visible. After a few loops around the boat sped up and headed back to the quay. In all the trip lasted just short of an hour, which given the weather conditions was long enough.

We headed back to the hut for a well earned coffee and biscuits.

Mixed bag day

Blakeney sunset

The weather so far had been great but this morning it did not look as good as it had been. We got the bus t0 Stiffkey with a plan to walk back to Blakeney. The bus as usual was on time and we were soon walking out to the sea on the foot patch that runs from the antique lap ship, in the centre of Stiffkey. It was dry.

Once we got to the marshes it started to rain and continued all the way to Blakeney. On the path we saw quite a lot of birds, including a flock of I think Golden Plover and two Spoonbills. We emailed the Spoonbills in to Bird Guides dot com and got a polite email back thanking us.


We had some lunch back at the hut then we all went separate ways, some went shopping, but Helen and I went to Salthouse for a short circular walk via the Quag, where we have seen some interesting birds on the past. When we parked up we noticed that the old post office at Salthouse was now open as a shop/butchers, previously it has always appeared closed, and derelict. We walk down the lane to the Quag not much about apart from a flock of Goldfinch. Once up on the sea defences the going got tough with all the shingle, and Helen spotted three seals or the sane seal three times. It was a very pleasant walk over familiar ground.

When we got back I had a shower then  noticed that the sun was out, and very low, looked like there could be a nice sunset, so I headed down to the quay at Blakeney to get some pictures. The sunset was not as good as it could have been because there was some cloud low on the horizon. I made the  most of the low sun light and tried a series of pictures which I home to turn into a panorama.

All in all despite the weather a great day out in the fresh air, better than work any day.

Canoe trip

The canoers

If it is Wednesday it must be canoeing day. We set off at 10ish and stopped off first to book Beans Seal trip, then at the Blue Sky Thinking shop for a look at some tat.
Finally we were on our way to Fairhaven gardens to meet up with the canoe man. We were early, so we we had some lunch took at the cafe then took a stroll round the gardens which were free as part of the canoe deal. The gardens are kind of man made managed but do a good job of looking like natural wood land, there were quite a few mature and tall oak trees.

Fly agric

We met the Canoe Man, and headed on down to the landing point for a safety short briefing, then once kitted out with a buoyancy aid we all got into the canoes. The dog was a bit of a challenge but soon settled and was fine for the rest of the trip. We headed across the broad under the guidance of the leader and we all soon got he hang of the steering and paddling. Out of the other end of the broad we headed down a narrow creek and a bit of adventure having to duck under branches and push through reeds. The whole conoe trip lasted 2 hours. It was great fun and I would do it again, but would just rent a canoe and do my own thing.

Back at the cafe we had coffe and cake before heading back to the hut, we had a fun day out.

BOS to Holkham again!

Old bridge

Not an early start today, we got the 10:18 coast hopper from Blakeney village hall, to Burnham-overy-staith. We walked on the sea wall then straight out ontoi the big beach that is Holkham, a few miles of sand and we swung a left in land with the hope of a coffee/lunch break at the 0holkham tea room. Turns out it is shut, the Victria Hotel was open but were doing full menu till 15:00, only then would they serve sandwiches.
We decided to get the bus to Wells where we found a great place that did huge sandwiches in a pub garden. After some refreshments we headed along the coastal path, the plan was to walk to Stiffkey for a pint at the Red Lion.

Burnham harbour

The walk along the marsh was long, and the sun was hot, eventually we swung a left in land and can out at the Stiffey antique center and headed right towards the pub. The pub was very welcoming, we had beer, coke, coffee, and expresso, plus a few packets crisps and nuts.
The bus was a welcome luxury saving us the last few miles back to Blakeney. All in all a good day out.

The White Horse, Blakeney

White horse

Helen and I have been to the pub when we stayed in Blakeney a some years ago. The food then was great even if a tad on the pricey side. I had a curried potted crab as a starter, followed by baked Bream with artichoke, and saffron potatoes. The crab was the star of the meal, and the Bream was really good too, really well cooked.
Caroline had mushroom risotto which was very flavoursome, and Helen and Sallie had a parmesan tart which looked lovely, was reported delicious.
I’ll give it 4 out of 5.